Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Photo Shoot

On Noah's birthday Aunt Jenny took him to Master Portrait to have his pictures made. I love them I think he did a great job. We agreed that we didn't love all of the props but my Noah boy shines through. I often wonder how he got so cute. Thanks Aunt Jenny that was a great birthday present. She also took us to Cracker Barrel one of our favs. ( you should be able to click once on the pic to see it larger)


King family said...

Greaaaaaaat photo shoot. /thanks Jenny. he did so wonderfully well. I love his pictures. I'm so glad they turned out good.

Noah your one handsome boy. Love you , Grammy

April said...

OK, you already know I love them!! But I think you should have a vote!! put one of those elements with a pole on it. You know what I am talking about! :)

Lynné said...

I LOVE the pics! He's so handsome!