Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sophie Update

I emailed Sophie's mommy and this is her response.

It is great to hear from you! Her potty training is hit or miss. I do use the spray bottle on her. I tell you what though....I love her with all my heart! I could not live without her....Rod thinks so too. She is the best sleeping buddy. She is up against me for a while then moves to Rod then when she gets hot she gets out from under the covers and sleeps between us! Talk about spoiled. I have bought her additional clothing...I have let her gain gain a little weight. I have her on a diet though. She is a GOOD GIRL!!!! I enjoy her more than I did Wiggles. I feel bad saying that cause you know how much I loved him. She is just so sweet. I love on her all the time and she loves it too. It is just very different having a girl. I told Rod last night I will have girls from now on. Did Sophie have allergies? If she did'nt she does now. I have pills for coughing and for allergies. I got to keep her well, I want her to be with me for a long time.


King family said...

hmmmm hope she don't have kennel cough..