Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Noah had his first Santa experience today. It all started with Aunt Lynne's santa necklace. And then ....................
Santa himself was at christmas in the streets. He doesn't look very excited here but after he had his picture made he wouldn't quit waving at santa. He now says Ho Ho Ho!
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Jenny said...

Good Looking Noah & Good Looking Santa too! Have you seen the mall Santa? The one I saw there 2 weeks ago was awesome & fat!

King family said...

I believe I know the Santa. I think he is the Dad to the really cute guy that comes in our store. he he he. The guy that has long hair. he he he.
Ok, so Noah, hope you loved Santa. We do, & you'll learn to love him too. ha.
Hope you all had fun.

Lynné said...

I'm so glad that it was me that introduced him to "Ho Ho Ho"! haha

Seriously though, I am glad he isn't afraid of him. Abby was freaking out in her 18 month old picture so much that Danny had to sit between the 2 of them. Good times! :)