Monday, September 21, 2009


Ok this is for mom and April. I talked to both of you on the phone while I was making dinner and you were very interested in how it would turn out. So here it is. It was really yummy and it worked. Everything was done at the same time. I stole this recipe from

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King family said...

Glad it turned out well for you. Such a nice presentation.

Pawpaw/Finley and Nana/Ruby said...

Hey Danielle,
Thanks, I cooked this tonight and it was good. Next time I will not use fresh lime juice. Lemons are hard to come by and I used garlic salt instead of garlic. I used veg. oil instead of olive oil. You use what you can get around here. I sure could use some fire balls. We thought we were out but we found one more bag. Oh well. Later, Ruby

April said...

yum we will try it soon! :)