Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just a girl her God and her two boys and their dreams

Two years ago David helped my fulfill my dream of becoming a stay at home mom to our Noah. Was it an easy decision to make? Well yes and no. I was excited and scared all at the same time. I wanted more than anything to be home with my son but had the fear of dropping an income and health benefits. We trusted God to take care of us during this time and He did. Was it all cake and icecream? Nope. We struggled but my dream was fufilled thanks to God and David. So that was my dream but that is only a part of this story.

There was a boy who also had a dream. His dream was to become a manager in his company and have his own store. On Thursday he got a call. A call that meant his dream was about to be fulfilled. He got his own store in North Carolina. Wow! Completely out of the blue we receive a call that turns our little lives upside down. Would I love to stay in my hometown with my family? Yes ofcourse I would but who am I to keep a boy from his dream. So here we are emabarking on a new adventure. We are really excited again but again full of fear of the unkown. We know that where God guides He provides. We are asking you our family and friends to pray for us. Pray that we are able to find a nice home in a good community where Noah and I can get connected. Pray we find another awesome church. We will miss Oakwood so much. Pray that Noah adjust to such a big change. We love you all!


Lynné said...

I'm sad and happy all at the same time!

We love you guys and we will miss you so much!

April said...

Love you guys and YES, we are praying!!!